Legal Risk Assessments

What is your current legal risk exposure – are your business or personal assets vulnerable in the event of unexpected litigation, illness or financial hits?

While many of these life events may be unforeseeable, they are not uncommon and there are legal strategies you can implement to protect your business and assets.

Baker Love Lawyers’ team can conduct a Legal Risk Assessment to help you increase your level of protection from a number of potential sources of threat, in particular bankruptcy, marriage and relationship breakdowns, risks arising from death or incapacity, and business succession risks.

Why should you evaluate your legal exposure?

It is vitally important to take active steps to protect your wealth and assets. People are more concerned than ever about protecting themselves from situations like:

  • Our increasingly litigious society;
  • Insurance company failures leading to uncertainty about the availability and effectiveness of insurance cover;
  • The growing incidence of marriage and relationship breakdowns; and
  • Complex taxation systems.

What is involved in our Legal Risk Assessment?

Our Legal Risk Assessment involves meeting with one of our lawyers to investigate your current business, personal and estate planning arrangements. We consider:

  • Specific Areas of Risk
  • Business Structure
  • Property
  • Insurances
  • Business Succession
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Documentation

Baker Love then develops a strategic report that identifies primary areas of risk and recommends the most relevant actions you should take (including recommended timeframes to do so), to help you reduce or better prepare for those risks, including your next steps.

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