5 tips on how to choose the correct lawyer for your Family Law matter

Posted on Aug 27, 2021 by Louise Neilson   |   Categories: Family Law

Chances are, every one of us will need a lawyer at some point in our lives.  It might be buying real estate, drafting a will or getting divorced.  The right lawyer will set the tone for your legal issue.


Here are some tips to help you choose the right family lawyer for your separation:


1. See a Lawyer who specifically practices in the area of Family Law.


 There are many lawyers out there, but they don’t all practice in the area of family law.  As a Family Lawyer I see the importance of retaining a lawyer who specifically practices in the area of family law.  This will ensure you receive great advice in a timely and cost-effective manner and specific for your unique circumstances.


Choosing a lawyer who practices in family law will ensure that your lawyer understands the intricacies unique to the practice of family law.


 2. Don’t let location limit your choice


With the use of technologies, you no longer need to seek out a local lawyer who lives in your suburb or hometown.  This opens up your choices of which family lawyer to engage.  You can select a lawyer based on reputation, service and cost, rather than just location.


Family Law is governed by federal legislation (expect for Western Australia where family law is state based). This means you can engage a family lawyer anywhere.  With the options of video calls and teleconferences, you are able to create a great working relationship with your family lawyer from the comfort of your own home.  This can free up your time and travel to and from appointments in your lawyer’s office.


 3. Recommendation / Word of Mouth referral


We often speak with our friends, family or co-workers when we are facing separation or have recently separated.   It seems that nearly everyone has, or knows of someone who, has recently separated.  Asking our friends, family and co-workers for information about family lawyers in your area is a great start.  When somebody really lights up and gives an enthusiastic review, then this lawyer may be worth speaking with.


Remember, every family and every family law matter is unique.  Your needs are different from the needs of friends or family members even if they have faced a similar problem.


Take time to speak with the lawyers you are considering to help you navigate your family law matter. Then with the knowledge your have gathered, make your own decision


4. Interview your lawyer before you retain them


 A really good question to ask your lawyer is “Have you ever had a matter like this before?”


If the answer is yes, then ask how they solved your legal issues.  If possible, you want to be the lawyers tenth or twentieth or preferably fiftieth matter on this issue.  Your lawyer should be able to respond confidently to your questions and provide you with a clear direction and strategy for your matter.


Then, tell your lawyer what result you would like to achieve at the end of your matter.   This will open the dialogue between you and your lawyer around realistic options and possibilities to resolve your matter.  Knowing how things may pan out, will help you to make good decisions and will allow you to prioritise your time, effort and investment in the legal process.


 5. Align your values with the lawyer you choose


 Family law matters can sometimes go on for significant periods of time.  Your lawyer will be your partner throughout your case.  You will often confide sensitive (and maybe embarrassing) information to your lawyer.  Choosing a lawyer you trust and can communicate with is so important.    Ideally you should try to find a lawyer that shares similar values to you.  This will ensure you are comfortable with your lawyer and comfortable that you have someone in your corner to help you through difficult times.


Some questions you might consider do you feel rapport with the lawyer?  Are they calm and clear, presenting information in way you can understand?


The Family Law team at Baker Love Lawyers are highly experienced.  Knowing that you have a highly skilled professional with the right experience who has your back and genuinely cares can be very empowering.  Want to know more or get to know the Family Law team at Baker Love?  Reach out to Louise Neilson or Matthew Carney on 02 4944 3322.