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Founded in 1875, Baker Love is proud of our record as one of Newcastle’s oldest and most trusted law firms.

Located in Wallsend, Baker Love’s lawyers are easy to talk to and will discuss with you, in plain English, the legal services you might need.

When you choose Baker Love Lawyers you’re partnering with a team of experts that offers many years’ experience across a broad range of legal issues. But we’re not a group that hides behind closed doors – we’re easy to talk to and openly discuss with you the services you might need. We provide you with guidance to deal with your situation, share details about the legal process and happily answer all your questions.

Our solicitors specialize in various areas of law in Newcastle such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, and more.

Baker Love Lawyers is a long-established Newcastle legal firm with an enviable reputation for consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations and efficiently achieving results. Ours is a transparent service delivered by a confident team with impressive legal expertise. At Baker Love, everything we do demonstrates our commitment to support your long-term or short-term needs when it comes to the law and legal issues, and our expertise extends to:

From the Firm’s origins in 1875 through to today, Baker Love Lawyers has been an active and valued member of the many communities we serve.

We support the premise that what is important to our employees at a community level is also important to the firm. As such, many partners, lawyers, and fellow employees volunteer their time to community-based organizations. Baker Love Lawyers is a strong supporter of the view that both the community and the firm benefit from building a strong and significant community affiliation.

We believe in the individuality and goals of every one of our employees and respect the experiences and talents they bring to our organization.

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