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I’m already paying the mortgage. Non-agency payments and their effect on reducing the child support you need to pay

When parties separate they can either agree on child support (which can be informal or formalised with the assistance of a lawyer) or parties can apply to the Services Australia to have a Child Support Assessment undertaken. When the assessment is requested, the Child Support Registrar calculates the relevant amount of support that should be […]
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Family Law

Child Support- What to do if you do not agree with the amount assessed to pay

The Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 (Cth) provides that parents have the primary duty to support their children and provide for parents to have an administrative assessment mathematically created regarding child support payments. But what if you do not agree with that assessment? Grounds to vary/depart from an assessment In the absence of error in […]
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Parental Responsibility- What decisions can I make about my child after I separate and who decides what those decisions are?

Parents, during relationships, tend to make decisions about their children together. This will also commonly continue after parties separate but many family law parenting disputes are about how such decision-making powers should be divided. The power to make decisions about a child is called Parental Responsibility. Parental Responsibility is given a wide definition in the […]
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Child Impact Report – What to expect when a Court Child Expert or Family Consultant’s opinion is required in your parenting matter

While it is preferable for families to settle their parenting dispute outside of the Courts, in circumstances where negotiations have been exhausted or there is an urgency to the dispute, one party must commence proceedings in the family law courts to move things forward. When a matter reaches the Court, the Judge is usually faced […]
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Federal Government plans significant changes to the Family Law Act- 10 things you need to know

On 30 January 2023, the Attorney General’s Department released the exposure draft for the Family Law Amendment Bill 2023. The media release accompanying the draft says that the bill will “[R]eplace the often-confusing law around parenting arrangements with a simpler child-focused framework that will guide parents who can agree on their own post-separation parenting arrangements.” […]
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Pets in family law proceedings

The law regarding pets in family law matters It often comes as a surprise to clients that pet ownership in family law matters is actually dealt with in accordance with the property settlement provisions in the law. Despite pets’ special place in families, they are treated much the same as any other item of property […]
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