Have you considered online dispute resolution?

Posted on May 10, 2019 by Janine Wilson   |   Categories: Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Courts can be frustrating places at times. Dispute resolution through the Court system can be slow, expensive and ultimately not deliver you the result you really wanted or needed. It is important to keep in mind that there are many alternatives to the Court process that may work for you and your circumstances.

Mediation involves appointing an independent third party to work closely with both parties to try and find a solution that each of you can live with. Mediation is a voluntary process and usually the parties share the professional costs of the mediator. Mediation is a flexible procedure which has the ability for the parties to create useful and practical outcomes.

Mediation has traditionally been an process where all parties must attend in person at an neutral venue and spend the best part of a day working through the issues in dispute.

More recently, mediation is moving into the online world. There are some advanced online dispute resolution platforms now available which use video conferencing with an Independent mediator and online submission of evidence. There is no need for all parties to attend a day long mediation in person.

Online dispute resolution may not be suitable for all disputes. Certainly, in some cases, a more traditional mediation where parties attend in person will be important and necessary. If you have a claim for an amount of less than $20,000, exploring online dispute resolution is well worth considering.

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