NSW drivers welcome changes to parking fine laws

Posted on May 10, 2019 by Peter Mullen   |   Categories: Criminal & Traffic Law

Earlier this year the NSW government introduced changes to parking fine laws that were designed to make the system fairer for motorists. The reforms are the result of a 2018 review by NSW Treasury of parking and other fines following community feedback.

The two main changes are the introduction of a grace period for parking and lower parking fines.

Under section 123C of the Road Transport (General) Regulation 2013, a person is not to receive a penalty notice for allegedly committing a designated parking offence during what’s known as the grace period. The grace period is for 10 minutes only.

It means that a person may remain parked for 10 minutes immediately following the expiry of a parking ticket or coupon without receiving a fine.

However, the grace period only applies if a person has paid for at least one hour of parking before the grace period commences, the parking ticket or coupon is clearly visible, and the parking space is not in a shared zone.

The grace period only applies to parking tickets or coupons. Electronic metered parking is not included.

Bus lanes, clearways, transit lanes, bus zones, loading zones, mail zones, and no stopping areas are also excluded for safety reasons and to maintain traffic flow.

If a person receives a parking fine within the 10-minute grace period they can request a review by Revenue NSW. If a person disagrees with the findings of a review, they can elect to have the matter decided in court. This must be done within 28 days of the review.

Penalties for a broad range of parking offences have also been reduced. A total of 52 parking offences have had their fines reduced from $112 to a more palatable $80. The fines are those issued by any government authority, including NSW Police.