Debt Recovery

You need a quick and cost-effective debt recovery service

We know that fast and efficient debt recovery is critical to keep your business running. Our team will advise you as to the best recovery option, which may include litigation, statutory demands, or bankruptcy notices.

With informed and practical advice, we’ll keep you up to date the procedure and costs every step of the way.

We’ll also work with you to improve your business practices and terms of sale to reduce exposure and risk to bad debtors as much as possible.

This might include arrangements for provisions of security by your trade partners, guarantees or simply by checking your policies and procedures to ensure your trade partners are correctly identified and trade terms set before any payment challenges arise.


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Disputes are a reality of business and in your day-to-day life.

If you’re involved in a commercial or private dispute, get an experienced, tenacious legal expert in your corner with Baker Love Lawyers.

Every case is unique. Our litigation and dispute resolution specialists will act in your best interests saving you time, money and your reputation.

Commercial and private litigation involves two or more companies (or people) that disagree and are unable to negotiate a resolution. When one party decides to take legal action, a judge will determine the final outcome, if it can’t be resolved through alternative methods first.

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