Commercial & Retailing Leasing

Leases can have a long-lasting impact on your business, and Australian leasing legislation is often changing, so you need to get the right advice.

Property and commercial legal experience is essential in business leasing.

At Baker Love Lawyers, our leasing team not only know leasing, but have the depth of property and commercial experience needed when advising clients involved in lease transactions. We will deal with your matter in a way that is holistic, reduces risk and is commercially practical.

Our leasing team have a wealth of experience in acting for lessors, lessees, and property managers in a wide range of leasing matters, from lease drafting, negotiation and reviews to licences and car parking agreements. We have assisted clients with leases in relation to retail complexes, small shopping villages, pubs and clubs, restaurants, commercial and office space, public land, franchise leases and many more.

As a landlord, you need to know that your lease will be negotiated, drafted and enforced in a way that reflects your commercial and legal interests appropriately and robustly. We understand that drafting leases is a very sophisticated task and a few words can have major practical and financial consequences.

We will take your interests into account when considering lease provisions such as option periods, rent review, rent free periods and fit out, and we’ll make sure that the lease accurately reflects what was agreed on in any prior negotiations.

Lease disputes are common, and we can assist you achieve a quick, practical solution to the problem.

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If you’re considering entering into a retail or commercial lease

You need the expert advice from the experienced Leasing team at Baker Love Lawyers.

Entering into a commercial or retail lease can be a significant long term commitment for any business or property owner and you should be fully aware of your rights and obligations.

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