Liquor Law

The Australian hospitality and liquor industry is heavily regulated

The purchase, sale or lease of licensed premises raises a number of issues which must be carefully considered in order to protect your rights and investment.

That’s why you need a representative who knows the legal requirements to guide you through. So talk to us first, whether you are considering buying or selling a hotel, restaurant, or any licensed premises.

Baker Love Lawyers has substantial background in Liquor Law.

We have many years of experience in acting in the area of liquor licensing law. This means that no matter what the issue is we have an experienced lawyer who will be able to assist you immediately, including in the following areas:

  • Sale and purchase of licensed premises
  • Leasing of licensed premises
  • Application for new liquor licences
  • Applications to vary liquor licence conditions
  • Liaison with statutory bodies
  • Liquor legislation compliance advice
  • Litigation involving licensed premises

We have acted for a range of clients in the industry, including hotels, registered clubs, restaurants, bottle shops and on-line liquor sale businesses.

Solicitors acting in this area: