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Changes to Unfair Contract Terms in Effect from 9 November 2023

Introduction On November 9, 2023, significant changes to unfair contract laws have come into force, impacting businesses and consumers alike. These amendments aim to improve fairness and transparency in contractual agreements, addressing the power imbalances that can exist in the standard terms in contracts that are the adopted by many suppliers of goods and services. […]
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Business Due Diligence

Due Diligence in Business Purchases

An important step in the business acquisition process is due diligence.  ‘Due diligence’ is really just a fancy term for asking questions and closely reviewing the responses (then sometimes asking even more questions).  The key though is making sure that you ask the right questions.  There are many types, shapes and sizes of businesses.  It […]
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Last Will and Testament

Sole Director and Shareholder Estate Planning Considerations

There can be many difficulties that may arise when an individual dies without a will. But when a Sole Director/Shareholder of a company dies without leaving a will the ramifications can be even more significant. The passing of the Sole Director/Shareholder will often leave the company without any individual who is duly authorised to immediately […]
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Lease Agreement

Documents that Pay the Rent – Understanding Rent Review in Retail Leases

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant trying to run your business from leased premises, it’s important to have a clear and comprehensive document that sets out everyone’s rights and responsibilities. In addition to having everything in writing, it is important to also obtain sound legal advice when it comes to understanding the rights and […]
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Executive and Non-Executive Directors

As a commercial lawyer often dealing with company directors and advising them on their roles and responsibilities, from time to time I get asked the question: What is the difference between Executive and Non-Executive Directors?  You would think that as the main piece of legislation governing directors and companies in Australia that the Corporations Act […]
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