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Commercial Leases and Stamp Duty in NSW

Stamp duty can be a difficult concept to understand and is particularly challenging when parties are considering whether this is payable across NSW in relation to various commercial leases. It is important that thorough consideration is afforded to this area of law to ensure that no unwarranted penalties are incurred throughout or after the leasing […]
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I am a shareholder of a company. Can I get access to company books and records?

Management of companies is generally the responsibility of the directors. Shareholders have very limited options to intervene in the management decisions made by the directors. What happens if a shareholder wants access to company documents which the company won’t provide? Section 247A of the Corporations Act provides an opportunity for a shareholder to ask the […]
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How to secure your position when selling goods on credit terms

Many business owners do not realise that when they supply goods or services to customers and provide a timeframe for payment of those goods or services (for example 30 days) – they are actually offering credit. Like any business offering credit it is important to secure your position as best you can and one excellent […]
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Lease Options

New Retail and Commercial Lease Regulations to Address Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Commercial Lease Regulations to Address Economic Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic   The NSW Government has enacted new Retail and Commercial Leasing Regulations In response to the recent COVID 19 related public health restrictions.   The Retail and Other Commercial Leases (COVID-19) Regulation 2021 (the Regulation) enacted 14 July 2021 introduces restrictions on landlords taking […]
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Upcoming Changes to Debt and Liquidation Processes for Small Business.

The Federal Government recently announced its intention to overhaul Australia’s insolvency laws in relation to small businesses. The intention is to reduce time and cost and better serve businesses, creditors and employees to survive in difficult times, but what is expected to be implemented and what should businesses or creditors do to prepare?   As […]
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