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Debt Liquidation

Upcoming Changes to Debt and Liquidation Processes for Small Business.

The Federal Government recently announced its intention to overhaul Australia’s insolvency laws in relation to small businesses. The intention is to reduce time and cost and better serve businesses, creditors and employees to survive in difficult times, but what is expected to be implemented and what should businesses or creditors do to prepare? As with […]
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Deeds of Company Arrangement and Leases

A recent case in the Supreme Court of New South Wales highlights care that administrators and lessors of properties need to take when considering the terms of any Deed of Company Arrangement. In the case in question, a company was in voluntary administration. A Deed of Company Arrangement was entered into and the terms of […]
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Insolvency legislation reforms

Draft legislation has recently been released for public consultation, as a result of the recent review conducted as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda introduced by the Federal Government. The changes attempt to reduce the stigma associated with corporate failure in Australia, and to encourage company directors to address any financial hardship at […]
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Don’t let bankruptcy frustrate your family law proceedings

It is not uncommon for bankruptcy and insolvency issues to go hand in-hand with the breakdown of a relationship. In matters where a party in family law proceedings is at risk of becoming insolvent, the timing of any arrangements, including a Personal Insolvency Agreement, is crucial writes Jillian Stibbard. Recently, a husband was ordered to […]
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