Family Law

New Superannuation powers for parties in Family Law Property Proceedings 

When a party seeks Orders to divide the assets and liabilities of the relationship following their separation, they can also seek Orders regarding superannuation. Superannuation splitting Orders do not convert superannuation into a cash asset however each party’s superannuation interest can be adjusted by splitting (transferring) the superannuation entitlements held.  To enable greater transparency of […]
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The ‘D’ word

We often joke about the ‘D’ word (divorce) but for those of us who are, or have, experienced the breakdown of a significant relationship it is anything but a humorous experience. Divorce isn’t fun and there are no winners. A successful divorce, if ever there was such a thing, is not about winning battles but […]
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Property Settlement – Time Limits

Did you know that there are time limits for property settlement after you separate or divorce? One of the first questions you will be asked by your family lawyer is ‘when did you separate’?  This is for good reason.  Time limits do apply to family lawyers proceedings for property settlement.   These time limits differ depending […]
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How to Settle a Divorce Amicably

In Australia, you are allowed to apply for divorce and formalise its terms yourself via the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court. However, most couples find this DIY process and its complex legal procedures tricky to navigate. To give yourself the best chance at an amicable divorce, it’s important to understand your options, obligations and […]
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What Does ‘Amicable Divorce’ Mean?

What Does Amicable Divorce Mean? So, you’ve decided to call it a day on your relationship. That doesn’t mean you have to face distressing disputes over who gets what, hefty litigation fees or a lifetime of hostile exchanges. Not to mention the harmful impact of these experiences on the rest of your family. Whatever the […]
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