Employment Law

Restraint of Employees

A recent decision in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in the matter of Plus One International Pty Ltd V Ching 2020 NSWSC 1593 highlights the need for an employment contract to be in writing should the employer wish to impose restraints upon an employee.   The Court confirmed the general rule that in […]
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Suspension of employees

A recent decision of the Federal Court of Australia has confirmed that the question of an employer’s right to suspend an employee is still not fully understood by a lot of employers. The case involved circumstances where an employee was “suspended” whilst certain aspects of that employee’s conduct was the subject of a review. Whilst […]
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Returning to work after parental leave – rights and obligations – a snap shot

Workforce participation and raising children are two very significant and crucial things that a lot of us do, so it’s important to know there are laws in place to help the two ‘jobs’ co-exist. Employees and employers have rights and responsibilities relating to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work under several different pieces of […]
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Workplace Policies – an integral part of good workplace practice and a potential dispute avoidance tool

What is a workplace policy? A workplace policy is a set of rules and principles guiding expected behaviours of employees. Policies can cover areas such as bullying and harassment in the workplace, social media use and work, health and safety, (WHS) to name just a few.  The policies should be customised to suit the particular […]
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