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Remote Witnessing in NSW Here to Stay

As NSW embraces more and more freedoms and looks to the future following the COVID-19 pandemic, the NSW Government has just announced that one useful response to the pandemic is here to stay.   In response to the lockdowns imposed over the last 18 months, the NSW Government implemented a remote witnessing scheme, allowing for […]
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How to Dispose of a Body

While if you need assistance in a criminal lawyers matter, you can still contact Baker Love Lawyers, this article instead discusses the rights and obligations of an executor when a willmaker has passed away.   The Role of the Executor  When a person prepares a last will and testament the willmaker shall appoint an executor. […]
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Property Settlement – Time Limits

Did you know that there are time limits for property settlement after you separate or divorce? One of the first questions you will be asked by your family lawyer is ‘when did you separate’?  This is for good reason.  Time limits do apply to family lawyers proceedings for property settlement.   These time limits differ depending […]
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Court Authorised Wills

Having a will in place is the best way to try and make sure that a person’s wishes are honoured when they pass away, and to make the process easier on those left behind who are dealing with grief. For a person to prepare a will they need the capacity to understand the nature of […]
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